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Bakotopia – beyond simple site registration
April 8, 2006, 2:45 pm
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Yesterday Dan Pacheco, senior product manager for Bakotopia.com, told us how The Bakerfield Californian newspaper created this Facebook-like application (Bakotopia) aimed at young people, made it a success, and subsequently rolled it out to six more types of communities, including English-speaking Hispanics (see Más) in the Californian’s circulation area.

Part of what contributed to Bakotopia’s success: It’s 100 percent local, not plastered with advertising, easy to use, easy (and attractive) to look at, and it helps you find people who share your interests. It also integrates appealing aspects of both eBay and Craigslist, which is really nice for a totally local site.

But here’s the genius:

Soon the newspaper Web site will integrate profiles of the same kind with user registration at the newspaper site. Your profile will be linked to a comment you post on a blog at the newspaper site, or a chat you participate in. This is a VERY concrete step toward building community on a newspaper Web site.

I think it would be cool to integrate the user’s newspaper profile with an identity the user has created on the various local sites that are not directly associated with the newspaper — your personality from Bakotopia (if you are a teenager) or from Más (if you are Hispanic). But that’s not in the immediate plans, Pacheco said after his presentation.

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Thanks for the nod, Mindy! Good ideas, too. We’ll consider them for the future. We just can’t “boil the ocean” all in one day 😉

Let’s hear it for former Posties continuing to foment revolution. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Dan

By the way, last week we quietly launched user profiles on Bakersfield.com. They’re intentionally not promoted in a major way yet, but you can see a preview of the user and staff profiles here: http://people.bakersfield.com/home/people.php

This is just the first baby step toward some much more interesting stuff we’ll be doing over the next few months on that site.

I have more info on all of this on my blog.

Comment by Dan

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