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Online slideshow vs. online video
March 25, 2006, 3:52 pm
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Illuminating insights from Andrew Locke, director of product strategy for MSNBC.com (Feb. 3, 2006).

The choice between using video and using still photos with audio, he wrote, “frankly has as much to do with time and the multimedia producer’s comfort level as it does with storytelling.” In Locke’s view, these are “very similar mediums and in large part … functionally interchangeable in terms of the storytelling.”

However, “they do have different strengths in terms of what they bring to the storytelling,” he added.

Smart man. Let’s not forget that “functionally interchangeable” does not have the same meaning as “equally good for telling the story.”

About how you choose to tell the story:

I have to say MSNBC.com’s signature “style” (if we have one) has less to do with the medium we chose and a lot more to do with fact that we rely almost entirely on our subjects to narrate their own stories.

About the time factor:

Production is always really labor-intensive, whether done out in the field or in the office. We do have templates and tools, which helps, but the mental/creative process is always the hard part, and it gets harder and harder to do the longer you’re in the field.

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