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Journalism students and Flash
March 7, 2006, 1:27 am
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In four short weeks, I’ve seen most of my 15 students in an advanced Web design course progress — with a lot of hard work — to where they can produce a decent little news package in one week. This is the busy middle of their semester too, so they all had lots of other work to do last week.

Their packages (about the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) are here. Their assignment is here.

Most of them have never had a design class. None of them have a computer science background. I’m really proud of them!

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Very nice work, Mindy! You have every right to be proud of your students — and yourself for getting them to this level.

Comment by TL

Your students’ work is very impressive after just four weeks of instruction Mindy. I would love to know how many hours of instructions they get over those four weeks — is it just one class a week, or several? And, are they taught as a group, or with help so they get one-on-one instruction?

Comment by mmm

The class meets once a week in a computer lab for three hours. Part of each class is given to them to work on either the lessons in the textbook or the homework. They can get one-on-one help during that time. They can also come to my office hours (but only a few do) or my TA’s office hours (again, only a few do so).

They also send me a fair number questions via e-mail. I would say about eight to 10 sent one question last week, and a few sent more than that. The questions are very specific and usually do not require me to see the FLA.

This is their third Flash homework assignment, so they have mastered some skills incrementally.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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