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Newspaper executives open their minds
January 31, 2006, 11:27 pm
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From a story in USA Today (Jan. 30, 2006: Papers take a leap forward, opening up to new ideas):

Newspaper executives “are opening their minds to a host of ideas, including new paper publications, television and radio services, websites, podcasts and transmissions to cellphones.”

Hmm, let me check my calendar. Yes, it’s 2006. What took them so long? The article doesn’t mention that. The public began to embrace the Web in 1995. It took the newspaper industry 10 years to start taking the Web seriously.

According to the NAA, the top 10 U.S. newspaper Web sites in December 2005 (with unique audience given in millions, but for what time span is not clear, and percent change from 2004):

nytimes.com 11.0 (+22%)
usatoday.com 9.9 (+16%)
washingtonpost.com 7.8 (+53%)
sfgate.com 4.1 (+28%)
latimes.com 4.1 (+52%)
nydailynews.com 3.3 (+22%)
chicagotribune.com 3.0 (+99%)
suntimes.com (Chicago) 2.6 (+21%)
newsday.com 2.6 (+14%)

You go ahead and look for innovation on these Web sites. Even where it exists (e.g., at The Washington Post and The New York Times), it’s pretty difficult to find.

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